Angelica Rojas

Dr. Passet and his staff are truly something special. I have been to many podiatrists for an issue that he was able to treat in minutes, with no pain whatsoever. He also answered all of my questions with great patience (I had many), and was very friendly. On top of that, he also brought to my attention other issues with my feet that I plan on addressing with him in the future. I am super grateful for Dr. Passet and his staff. My experience with them was nothing but positive. Thank you guys so much for your help and for treating me with a sense of urgency because I was really suffering. Best of luck to you all!

Mayeline May

When you have accidents like this you just want to feel comfortable and this office make sure you feel comfortable and the attention is fast! The Dr gives you a clear instructions. He was so sweet to borrowed me this folding walker.

Tomas Arias

Excellent !!

Fabrice Rochelemagne

Friendly, attentive, and efficient. I had broken my toe and needed medical attention and documentation for FMLA. I really appreciated that they took the time to complete necessary documents on top of making sure my injury was properly mending.


Excellent service from the doctors and staff. Dr. Passet and Dr. Belcastro are really great doctors. Everyone is warm and helpful, including the front staff. The hours are amazing. They really take the time to explain everything to you and listen to you. I highly recommended.

Vicky Chan

Amazing experience! Dr.Passet is very knowledgeable and have great bedside manners. I found him last minute and made the appointment on the same day. The receptionists are very friendly. I had a huge infection from a pedicure and Dr. Passet numbed the area then took care of the rest. He talked me through the whole process, his assistant was so kind enough to let me hold her hand (I feel so bad for squeezing it so hard when he inserted the needle) The assistant was an incredibly sweet and understanding woman. Wow overall, I had a pleasant experience and recommend this office if you have any issues with your feet! Also very short wait time!!


Awesome! Linda and Dr. Passet are the best. I have never plantar facititis both me and my son flat feet and had fracture and sprain. They take you in on the spot and I felt relief.

Grace Galicia

Highly recommend Dr. Passet (just like the other Google reviews I read about him). X-ray revealed my left heel pain was due to heel spur. Was given an injection (with numbing spray) and will return next week for follow up. His staff is very helpful.

Maria C

I love the Doctor he is amazing, very professional and caring.

DL Restoration Builders Corp

I called two three others places and 1st questions was "what kind of insurance do you have" I call this place the doctor picked up the phone and sow me within one hr and completed the job on my foot same day.

I recommend him big time, thank you doctor Charles.

Eddie Brown

My daughter had a severely sprained ankle.We weren't sure if she had torn ligaments or tendons. He helped us get the MRI very quickly and started treatment immediately. She recovered much faster than we expected. Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and professional. Eddie FDNY

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