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Flat Feet Treatment in Forest Hills, NY

Do you have flat feet? Believe it or not, flat feet could be a source of discomfort, impacting things like your ability to walk long distances easily or stay on top of your game with regard to sports and physical activity. If you're in need of flat feet treatment in Forest Hills, NY, Dr. Charles Passet DPM is here to help.

Offering Treatment for Pain

At Dr. Charles Passet DPM, we understand how frustrating it can be to live with persistent foot pain. That's why we strive to offer the effective treatment you deserve. When you come to our office, we'll take the time to give you a thorough evaluation. From there, we'll work with you to come up with a personalized course of treatment.

If flat feet are a problem for you, we want to help. Call our office in Forest Hills, NY to schedule your appointment.


Dr. Charles Passet DPM